Reiki Book

Reiki is not just one other healing system. It is a therapy which invokes the entire life force ( Jeeva Shakthi) in an organism. Reiki makes human resilience better and integrates body mind and spirit without any side effects. This book written by Master Satheesh M Nair is an authentic and original description of the unique application and notable curative effect of this energy therapy called Reiki. The book is written in Malayalam and is available in Avanty Publications.

This book is an introduction. For further initiation and study, one has to get in touch with a competent Reiki Master. The Author is a Reiki Grand Master who conducts classes on a regular basis professionally. He has been into Reiki for the past 17 years and has a clientele from all over the world including doctors, celebrities, international tourist visitors . He is a certified Reiki professional under the renowned Reiki Master William Lee Rand.

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