( Holistic Eastern Approach to Life Truth & Healing )

For us Health is not just another organization. It is a concept, idea and a philosophy. A Philosophy which has the cultural roots in the Eastern Vedic wisdom. So we call this a movement .

For all living beings there is an Auric body which is scientifically proven. The centre of this energy body is called chakra in Indian terminology. The imbalance in the energy field or chakras are expressed as diseases in the human body. Our programs of REIKI classes is beneficial for patients of different varieties and for general well being and for the spiritual seekers.Health is an open platform for the seekers for the diseased and for the ordinary layman.

We have also an array of corporate training modules on different verticals including soft skills, spiritual intelligence, creative intelligence, emotional intelligence and Meditation. Health has its own tested and trusted record of successful training classes and workshops for teachers, health professionals including doctors, students, monks and international tourist visitors and celebrities.

HEALTH’S Corporate Training sessions are much acclaimed and appreciated By it’s clientele from different domains of activity.

HEALTH has all star (excellent) rating from almost all It’s participants.

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