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Total health is achieved through total healing. Our classes focus on the following major areas which is the right blend of the core of the eastern spiritual techniques and methodologies with modern views and tools of psychology and holistic healing
Holistic Solutions For Your Total Health



What makes Reiki so unique from other forms of alternative therapy is the process called Attunement. It is a sacred and secret Deeksha by a competent Reiki Master using certain Buddhist Thantra symbols. Reiki Master is not giving Reiki but it is being made available to the aspirant or seeker from the cosmic intelligent source of the universe


Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence is a perspective, gained through understanding, independence and transformation.


Creative Intelligence

Primarily creativity can be termed as thinking in a new way. Some experts call this’ out of the box thinking. It involves imagination and visualization. Talent and creativity though inter related are separate entities

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When something is pure, it is original. In transactional world also, purity is equated to originality. We call pure gold as original gold. Purity is originality. True Meditation brings about mental,emotional and intellectual purity and brings about originality



Reiki is a universally tested and trusted, Unique Therapy which has an ancient origin

reiki courses

Reiki Courses

The Reiki training programmes are conducted module-wise separately for the four Degrees

reiki book

Reiki Book

Reiki is not just one other healing system. It is a therapy which invokes the entire life force.

corparate training programs

Corporate Training Program

We have more than 20 years of Training Experience in corporate and personal development verticals

About Master Trainer

Master Satheesh Nair, disciple of Swami Chinmayananda, has studied the ancient scriptures of India and travelled widely to places including the Himalayas.He has equipped himself with modern streams of personal development tools like Transactional Analysis,(TA) Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transcendental Meditation (TM) , OSHO Meditation Techniques, Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Satheesh Nair is a Reiki Grand master under the Lineage of renowned Reiki Master Willaim Lee Rand. He has trained hundreds of people from different walks of life including Doctors, Teachers, Housewives, Students, International Tourist Visitors, Sanyasis, Celebrities etc. He is a reputed corporate trainer also.

In his training programmes, he makes use of his creativity and originality, groomed out of the stringent ancient eastern tradition of spirituality and openness to modern views of psychology, social sciences and theatrical arts. He has a track record of training in personal and corporate sectors, spanning around 20 years. He has published a best seller book "REIKI" in Malayalam which is available with Avanty Publications.

Satheesh Nair is Graduated in Chemistry from Kerala University and has Post Graduation in Computer Applications from Nagpur University. He is a disciple of Swami Chinmayananda, and studied Vedanta, Yoga and Meditation from Chinmaya International Foundation. He has equipped himself with modern streams of personal development tools like Transactional Analysis, (TA) Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Transcendental Meditation & Osho Meditation Techniques and Pranic Healing. He is a reputed Reiki Grand Master and published a book on Reiki. ,which is available with Avanthy publications. He has also Published Articles, acted in short / Tele films, directed and acted in Plays. He has undergone Theatre/ .drama and media training at School of Drama (Calicut University).

An exponent of Indian Spirituality,Reiki, Alternative Therapies, & Theatre, widely travelled including the Himalayas, has more than 20 years of Training Experience in corporate and personal development verticals including soft skills. He has a vast arena of Clientele including Major Corporates, Celebrities. International Tourist visitors, Doctors, wellness aspirants, students ,Teachers and ordinary men and women.

Mikao Usui-
The Japanese Priest

Who Re discovered Reiki

Master Satheesh Nair

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