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Benefits of Reiki

  • Reiki is Channelised to the person by the Reiki Master through a secret & sacred procedure called " Attunement"
  • Once Reiki is attuned the person becomes a channel forever
  • Reiki dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance of body mind and spirit
  • Reiki increases energy levels
  • Reiki Creates deep relaxation & releases stress & tension
  • Reiki improves mind's attention & focus
  • Reiki accelerates flow of "Prana" in the body
  • Reiki cleanses body toxins and strengthens immune system & body's self healing ability
  • Reiki relives pain & increase positive vibrational frequency of the "Aura"
  • Reiki cleares emotional imbalance & helps spiritual growth

How does Reiki work

Anybody can learn Reiki and heal oneself and others for improved health and well being.

In the contemporary scenario, increased competition and stress constantly over a period of time results in the inability to heal oneself and the various self regulating mechanisms in the body (which is known as homeostasis) weakens. Unless this is addressed properly, it can combine with an individuals' genetic predisposition and result in declining health and well being.

Reiki effectively helps lessen the impact of stress and releases tension from the entire system. Reiki not only helps the person move towards his or her unique balance in body, mind and spirit but also promotes healing mechanisms in the body, function more effectively.

Some researchers theorize that Reiki's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing effect is triggered on a sub physical level what science refers to as the Bio Field.

Reiki is more meditative than many Yogic and Tantric methods because the Reiki vibrations originate from a subtler source what physicists have termed as Unified Field.

For a personal hands on experience
you can get in touch with Master Satheesh Nair
directly at his personal Cell No.+91 9388444487


  • Self healing
  • Includes deep relaxing attunement
  • Awareness practices
  • Meditation
  • Easy to follow exercises


  • Healing others
  • Includes attunement which is more relaxing to the mental and emotional level
  • Awakening of intuitive intelligence (third eye) Self protection, protection of one's belongings Distant Healing
  • Three major sacred Reiki symbols are taught in this level
  • Goal setting and goal manifestation techniques


  • 3 A – Master Healer –Powerful attunement by which all chakras are activated More than 29 Reiki sacred symbols are taught in this level. It gives health, wealth and happiness
  • 3 B (Fourth level) – Master level in Reiki - A deep spiritual experience of attunement. Deep Healing, Lifting of consciousness level. After this level, one can teach Reiki to other aspirants and give attunements.
  • All these degrees of Reiki through HEALTH are certified by International centre for Reiki Training (India)

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