Programmes for the corporates


  • Qualities of a leader
  • Invoke the natural leader in you
  • Effective leadership skills through skits & videos Time Management skill, conflict management, decision making, planning, self awareness, self management


  • It is a right& correct perspective to things, events and situations
  • It is a power of awareness that comes through insightful understanding of human relations and relationship with God, situations , crises and events.
  • Spiritual Intelligence becomes the foundation stone from which true morality, values and character emerges.
  • Spiritual intelligence has nothing to do with the concept of God or religion
  • Spiritual intelligence relays on truth and reality in relationships, goals and purpose of life.
  • It is not a concept. The participant is empowered through activities, skits, meditation and powerful awareness practices.
  • A high degree of Spiritual intelligence can be achieved by any open minded person whereby he can attain to self actualization.
  • In a nut shell, it is a science of human possibilities. Target Groups : - Techno park, Info Park, IT companies, Big corporates, College and school teachers.
  • Duration of the programme :- Comprehensive 1 day program or elaborate 3 day programme.


  • Freedom in action
  • Real Creativity
  • Creativity tools
  • Philosophy of action
  • Role Plays


  • Understanding functional mind
  • Awareness practices
  • Various meditation techniques

Out come :
This will lead to better and real self concept and self control. When the mind is mastered, better order in life and integrity is the outcome. This will give one better happiness/better decision making power/better creative skills and control over life. Target group :- Any corporate or college students or any seeker Program duration – 1 day


  • Understanding stress
  • Let go experience
  • Let it be
  • Accept things as it is
  • Listen to inner voice
  • Practice of quietness and meditation
  • Silence
  • Music Therapy

Target Group :- Any person who experiences stress in life Duration – 1 day


  • What is Success ? – Interactive session
  • Blocks to success
  • Enhancing Positive Thinking and Attitude
  • Goal – Aim and purpose of Life
  • Goal visualization
  • Law of Karma
  • Law of Attraction
  • Types of Personality
  • Creativity
  • Balance/ Meditation Techniques

This program is fully inter active and activity oriented.

Target Group :-Plus two school children, College students and Job seekers Duration – 1 day

HEALTH ™ ( Holistic Eastern Approach to Life , Truth & Healing )

  • First day – Yoga – Theory and practice
  • Second day – Meditation – Theory and practice
  • Third Day – Reiki – Theory and practice

Target Group :- Any person
Duration : 3 days -
© Can be done also as wellness getaway Out Bound Training

Other Run a mill capsules

  • Effective Communication
  • Executive Communication
  • Team Building & Inter personal Relationship
  • PEP—GD/RESUME/Mock Interview/Success Tips
Training programmes

Effectively and successfully conducted workshops and Training programmes in the following places:

Kerala State Productivity Council
( Spiritual Intelligence)
Amritha Institute (Management Information System)
School of Bagwadh Geeta (Spirituality & Management)
ICFAI Business School (Spirituality & Management)
DCS Mat – Vagamon (Executive Communication)
MA College, Kothamangalam, Shri Shankara College, Kalady, St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam (Effective Communication & Placement Enhancement Program)
Osho Glimpse ( Reiki & Meditation)
Lotus Eye Care Hospital (Better Customer Service & Positive Attitude)
Double Horse, DDRC-SRL ( Marketing, Sales & Service Excellence)
Veterinary Doctors Association (Stress Management)
Shwas Constructions (Work & Responsibility)
Punjab National Bank (Positive Attitude)
Artech Constructions (Creative Intelligence)
Toc-H Engeneering College.(PEP - Placement Enhancement Program)
St.Teresa’s College - Ernakulam

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